Brazilian Woman ‘Punches Herself, Leaves Theatre Screaming’ After Watching ‘Annabelle: Creation’

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So we’ve told you folks about 14 movies that might be too terrifying to finish, but it looks like one woman in Brazil wishes she had not gone see Annabelle: Creation because it left her screaming her head off.

According to various Brazilian news outlets, the 20-year-old woman decided to go with her pals to see the movie about the crazy and haunted doll named Annabelle. And well, let’s just say the movie almost literally scared her to death because after the movie she was seen screaming, coughing, crying and punching herself.


Here’s what one witness had to say:

“When the film ended, we went to pay the car park and she started hitting herself with punches to her own head, and threw herself on the floor.  Other people in the shopping centre got together to try to control her, I became really scared.”

Check out the video below.

Well damn. Another witness who was inside the theatre said the woman began acting weird when the devil appeared on screen during the film. A member of the staff also spoke up.

“We haven’t managed to find out exactly what happened or what caused this behavior. What we know is that she was really very nervous and couldn’t herself explain what had happened.”

The woman was later removed by emergency services via wheelchair and was then taken to a local hospital.

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