dirty dancing

Watch as ‘Dirty Dancing’ Fail Leaves Woman Almost Naked on Floor, ‘Time of My Life’ Indeed

If you love romantic dance movies, or just have a girlfriend who does, you’ve likely seen Dirty Dancing. The 1987 film starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze is equal parts cheesy and sexy – and has inspired a lot of people to try their hands (make that feet) at cutting up a rug. But while those two stars make ballroom look easy, in reality, the moves are pretty hard to pull off.

Just watch what happened when a woman attempted the infamous lift in the film set to the movie’s theme song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.” In the now-viral clip, she runs toward her squatting dance partner – and that’s when everything goes wrong. He lifts her into the air, but she ends up flipping backward and falling. As her partner tries to spare her the face-plant, he accidentally rips her dress off. She ends up on her back on the pavement in only her bra and underwear.

It was far from the graceful execution of the gravity-defying move seen in Dirty Dancing.

dirty dancing

Photo: YouTube

Luckily, only the woman’s ego was bruised. Apparently, others who have attempted to recreate the iconic dance scene have ended up injured, including one woman who suffered a broken neck.

Let’s all agree to leave the classic choreography to the professionals from here on out, OK?

Cover Photo: YouTube