Comic-Con 2017 | The New ‘Justice League’ Poster Looks Like a Selfie

We’re less than an hour away from one of the biggest panels of Comic-Con 2017, and Warner Bros. still wants to tease us. Before they reveal all their biggest news and exciting previews of Justice LeagueAquaman and whatever other DC Extended Universe surprises they have in store, they’re unleashing an all-new poster for their superhero team-up movie (via Coming Soon).

And it looks like a selfie.

Seriously, look at how crammed together all these superheroes are. There’s no organic reason why they would ever stand like this. It looks like Batman, Cyborg and Aquaman are standing on an apple box, or it looks like The Flash and Wonder Woman are taking a knee. Neither makes any sense.

Warner Bros.

The only way we buy this pose is if Cyborg was taking a selfie of everybody and didn’t think to use landscape mode, so he forced everybody to shove their heads in wherever they could. It’s a weird thing to imagine, but not nearly as weird as what would probably happen after he said, “Okay, now let’s take a FUN one!” Presumably The Flash makes goofy faces and Wonder Woman throws out the horns.

But I digress. It looks like a perfectly good poster, it just doesn’t hold up under the closest scrutiny. The point is that all these heroes are coming together, and that point is made. Justice League arrives in theaters on November 10, 2017, but if you’re lucky enough to be in Hall H right now, you might get yourself a sneak preview this weekend!


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Top Photo: Warner Bros.

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