Doomfist Isn’t Voiced by Terry Crews and People Are Upset

Overwatch developers Blizzard have finally unveiled Doomfist, the popular FPS’s long-awaited new Hero, but actor Terry Crews won’t voice the character.

Doomfist has been heavily requested by Overwatch players almost as long as the game as been on sale, with him being an important part of its lore. Now Blizzard has officially confirmed that he’ll be making his way to the game as the next Hero, though the video announcing him featured a voice actor other than Crews. The White Chicks actor campaigned heavily to be given the role by Blizzard, receiving a huge amount of fan support in the process. but it looks like they opted for someone else and have left Crews in the dust.

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The animated Doomfist origin story can be viewed below:

Though Doomfist’s reveal has received a positive reception, many were saddened by Crews’ omission:

But while Terry Crews was certainly a popular choice for the role, considering the violent nature of the character the actor’s energetic personality arguably wouldn’t have been the right fit. As explained by Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan in a developer update, Doomfist believes that humanity can only become more powerful by engaging in conflict, a harsh worldview that inevitably sees him falling on the wrong side of the Overwatch team.

Though Crews may not have been the right fit for Doomfist, considering the support he garnered during his campaign to voice the character, we hope that Blizzard will give him a different role in the game in the future. In the meantime, I think we can all agree that it seems like Blizzard have once again knocked it out of the park when it comes to their choice of voice actor, and Doomfist looks like a great new addition to the Overwatch roster.