Couple Who Beat Restaurant Owner Over Cold Chicken Arrested

Screenshot: YouTube

In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago Jeanette Norris, the owner of the Qwik Chik takeout stand in Georgia was beaten by a couple who were unhappy with their chicken order. Yes folks, they beat someone up because of chicken.

Not only did video catch 28-year-old LaTasha Smith beating up Norris while 45-year-old Nathanial Smith stood by, but it also shows Nathanial sucker punch Norris’ 15-year-old daughter in the face. Take a look at the video below.

Couple Who Beat Restaurant Owner Over Cold Chicken Arrested

Nothing but a bunch of cowards. According to investigators, these two idiots were upset that their chicken was cold and that they didn’t get enough fries. By the looks of it Nathaniel doesn’t need more fries in his body. The assault left Norris with two black eyes and a broken nose and her daughter with a black eye and a concussion.

The Smiths fled and avoided cops until they were finally arrested and are now looking at aggravated assault charges.

chicken fight

Good thing these tools have been arrested. But something tells me they won’t be getting chicken and fries behind bars. But hey, Nathanial might finally get in shape after all now that he won’t be getting french fries.

h/t The Smoking Gun

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