Check Out The Size Of This Escaped Pig Police Found In Massachusetts

Photo: Vimeo

It’s not every day that a police officer in Massachusetts gets an APB regarding a missing pig, but when it comes to quickly finding said pig, you have to think it’s a blessing when the thing weighs more than five average human beings combined.

According to CBS Boston, a Georgetown police officer had a rather interesting Thursday morning when he found such a pig gnawing on a frisbee in the front yard of a property belonging to somebody who must be rich as shit. Officer Henry Olshefsky didn’t need 20/20 vision to spot the beast, but we thought it was rather ballsy of him to casually drive up, roll down the window and then insult its portly figure, especially after reading this story.

Georgetown Police Officer Locates Escaped Pig from John Guilfoil Public Relations on Vimeo.

Thankfully for Olshefsky, there was no need to get out of his cruiser and wrestle the pig to the ground, as after spotting the nearby farm where it came from, the pig ran back home safely, where it will now wait to be slaughtered sometime in the near future.

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