This Guy In Houston Is Wanted For Peeing And Pooping On A House

Screenshot via Click2Houston

“This is strange for sure.”

Duh, you think?

According to Click2Houston, a man was recently captured on a Houston homeowner’s surveillance camera smashing the shit out of a Ring Video Doorbell, but it was a different kind of shit that left both the homeowner and his daughter absolutely disgusted.

That’s right, kids. Check out the footage below of some random dude just dropping trou and not only urinating on the house but also pinching a loaf next to the entrance gate.

He just pulled his pants down and started peeing on the gate,” the homeowner’s daughter said. “Then he pulled them down even further and decided to poop right next to the gate. When you’re a grown adult and you poop and pee on someone’s property just because, there’s something wrong with that.”

No, sweetheart. There is a lot wrong with that.

The man’s identity and whereabouts are still unknown as of this afternoon, but neighbors believe he and other perps are coming from a nearby homeless camp and are also responsible for a a recent spike in crime in the neighborhood.

Although if you’re looking for a “glass half-full” take on the story, hey, at least he didn’t use something like the drapes or door knob for toilet paper.

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