Indonesian Monkeys Are Taking Things From Tourists And Only Giving Them Back When They Get Food

Photo: YouTube

If you thought the craziest talent ever displayed by a monkey was climbing up a tree, hanging upside down and jerking off in front of dozens of kids at the zoo, well, you’re probably right.

But this also has to be near the top of the list.

According to UPI, a group of Indonesian monkeys living near a temple have figured out that the best way to get food from passersby is by taking something from them and holding it for ransom until they get some kind of edible in return.

The monkeys are long-tailed macaques living near Uluwatu Temple on the island of Bali, and according to Belgian primatologist Fany Brotcorne, they’re apparently the only monkeys on the planet who practice this kind of “unique” behavior. So far they seem to go after small things like glasses, but again, they’ll only give them back in exchange for food.

So I guess it’s all fun and games for now, but we strongly recommend leaving your Oakleys, Ray-Bans and perhaps even small children at home if you’re planning on checking out the temple sometime in the near future.

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