We Bet You Can’t Jump Rope As Fast As This Guy Can

Photo: Facebook

Unless you live in a neighborhood where children haven’t been introduced to iPhones or video games, chances are that you don’t see kids jumping rope anymore. And that’s mainly because no one wants to go outside anymore, and no one wants to do anything that requires being physically active for more than five minutes. But don’t worry, folks. This dude in China still wants to remind everyone that jumping with a rope can still be fun. Well, that is if you do it as fast as he does.

Let’s first check out how insane this guy looks in the video that is going around the good old internet.

We Bet You Can’t Jump Rope As Fast As This Guy Can

That’s pretty incredible, and now I feel pretty terrible for feeling accomplished when I once jumped four times over a rope before falling.

Now according to Mashable, the technique above is done by the world’s fastest rope skippers. Apparently this dude is jumping 5x per secons, which just sounds utterly impossible.

Check out these other dudes losing their mind with a jump rope.

Awesome waste of time.

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