Guy Bets A Dollar At Kentucky Derby, Wins $75,000

Photo: Patrick Smith (Getty).

Lucky sumbitch.

For all the times I put money down on something to win big, I never quite experienced a life-changing payout. Sure, I’ve put some money on a roulette table and walked away staying the black, but never something like this.

Last Saturday afternoon, the Kentucky Derby took place at Churchill Downs, and one guy went home with his money WAY in the black.

By betting $1 on which horses would finish in the top four positions, this unnamed guy won a whopping $75,ooo. And now I’ve realized I’ve been betting on the wrong things my entire adult life.

Guy Bets A Dollar At Kentucky Derby, Wins $75,000

The guy correctly predicted the “superfecta,” which means he correctly guessed the winning horses were going to be Always Dreaming, Lookin At Lee, Battle of Midway and Classic Empire, all in that order.

Based on these names, I’m not sure which horses I would have picked to win the race. The only thing I am certain of is that if I’m ever in Kentucky at the beginning of May, I’m renting a fancy suit, withdrawing $20 from my checking account, and heading to the Derby to put all that money on the superfecta. I’ll likely see $20 again in my lifetime, so if I lose it, I’m pretty sure I won’t be mad about it.

Anyone know a good place to rent a suit?

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