Derby Day! 10 Classy Stay-at-Home Cocktails For This Year’s Kentucky Derby

Photo: krisanapong detraphiphat (Getty Images)

The pandemic put a pause on a lot of sporting events. One of the most high-profile events that needed to be rescheduled was The Kentucky Derby. The 146th Run for the Roses was supposed to take place on May 2. But, obviously, a stadium packed with people sipping Mint Juleps and wearing jaunty hats wasn’t such a great idea. That’s why the event was rescheduled for Sept. 5 with some changes.

The 62-page health and safety plan from Churchill Down has a lot of different stipulations, but it does allow for limited attendance. There will, however, be no general or infield admission. Pretty much, unless you’re willing to pay the equivalent of your mortgage, you’re probably not going to attend the race this year.

Since the odds are that you’ll be rooting on your favorite horse as it runs around an oval-shaped track from the privacy of your own home, you’re going to need to make a few cocktails. And, since this event takes place in Kentucky, they all better be bourbon-based. Check out 10 of our favorites below.

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