Here’s A Dude Jumping Off An 800ft Cliff Without A Parachute

Screenshot: YouTube/Caters TV

I’m still wondering why people do the things they do — just like I’m wondering why in the hell Ryan Jenks does the things he does.

The 33-year-old painting contractor enjoys thrills, and nothing brings more of a thrill than jumping off cliffs without a parachute apparently. And his latest jump off a cliff at Yosemite national park is making everyone crap their pants.

Jenks doesn’t use a parachute when he jumps, instead opting to attach himself to a high-line rope safety system and taking a jump. Check out the stomach-turning video below.

Here’s A Dude Jumping Off An 800ft Cliff Without Parachute

So, interested in doing something similar?


Yeah, didn’t think so after watching that video.

Here’s what Jenks had to say:

“I made a video about how we rigged it so people would be overwhelmed by what goes into a safe set up. I think there’s a lack of information out there about rope jumping – anyone who watches these jumping videos, please please don’t try it on your own!

Don’t worry, buddy, no one will be trying this anytime soon.

h/t Daily Mail

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