Here’s An 18-Foot Great White Shark Eating A Dead Whale Near California’s Coast

Photo: Facebook

When I was just a little boy, barely able to comprehend the wonders of the world, my older brother took me to see an R-rated movie. That movie was JAWS: The Revenge. Since I was so young, it scared the living shit out of me — not literally, but you get the idea — and spawned my irrational fear of (and infatuation with) great white sharks.

Remarkable animals, these creatures. All they do is get really big, crap wherever they please, and eat whatever’s in their way. It’s the kind of life we all dream about, isn’t it?

Speaking of eating, anyone in the mood for whale?

Great White Shark Eating A Dead Whale

When a dead whale drifted its way towards Southern California’s Newport Beach last week, lifeguards snared it and attempted to tow it out into the ocean. During the journey, a massive great white shark that might have measured up to 18 feet in length started going to town on the whale’s carcass.

The shark ate flesh off the whale for 18 hours, according to Keith Poe, the shark tagger who shot the video and posted it on his Facebook page. What’s more, the shark ate so much of the whale that it started acting like any one of us would if we ate such a fat meal.

“She was swimming upside-down, just swimming around like she was very happy and satisfied,” Poe told local newspaper The Orange County Register.

It’s unclear how the whale died. But what is clear is sharks are scary/awesome/frightening/cool animals and I’m only going in the ocean on big boats from now on.

great white shark

h/t NBC Los Angeles

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