Robber Stretches In Dunkin’ Donuts Parking Lot Before Robbing It

Photo: Twitter

Well, he was certainly more prepared than that idiot who forgot to put on his mask before committing his crime.

Police in Philadelphia are still trying to find the very health-conscious robber who decided to stretch and loosen up in a Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot before going ahead and robbing the place. It also helps to know that his crime involved jumping over the counter, so it makes sense that he wanted to be stretched out and ready to go. Maybe he’s a former gymnast in dire need of cash?

The crime happened this past weekend, and it was all caught on surveillance video. Check out the robber doing his stretching below.

What a leap over that counter! Thank God he stretched beforehand.

According to police, the robber told the cashier, “You have 20 seconds to give me the money from the registers.” The cashier than proceeded to put $334 inside a blue shopping bag.

No shots were fired and everyone was OK. Although this dude is still on the run, and police better hope they get their stretches in if they ever want to find this flexible guy.

h/t Huffington Post

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