No Way You Watch This Dog Finally Recognize His Owner Who Lost 50 Pounds In The Hospital Without Crying

Photo: YouTube

You’ll want to make sure none of your pals are around when you watch this one. Well, unless you want them to see you cry just like they did at the end of Rudy.

Shane Godfrey of Sanford, North Carolina recently spent five weeks in the hospital and lost 50 pounds thanks to a battle with the flu that sounds nearly as brutal as having to sit through a Third Eye Blind concert. When he returned home, he was beyond stoked to see his dog Willie.

Naturally, Willie was equally as excited to see his owner, although it didn’t start out that way. Godfrey’s appearance had changed so drastically in five weeks that Willie didn’t recognize him at first. Only after getting close enough to sniff out the Tar Heels fan sitting on the bench did Willie finally realize exactly who he was, and oh boy, is it getting misty in here or what?

Yeah, if that one didn’t get you even just a little bit, then you might want to see a doctor in the very near future because you’re probably dead inside.

h/t Barstool Sports

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