Here Are The Real-Life Wages Of Fictional Characters

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A little while ago we shared how much money Homer Simpson would actually make in real life, and it wasn’t a lot. Then again, Homer doesn’t really do much anyway, so it’s not a huge surprise. But now, thanks to Biz Daq, we all get to see how much money some other of your favorite fictional characters would actually make in the real world.

From fictional characters like Michael Scott from The Office to Don Draper from Mad Men to Walter White from Breaking Bad and others, you finally get to see how much loot (yes, I said loot) these characters would be reeling in. Because believe it or not, living day-to-day isn’t as easy as all those characters made it seem on Friends — living in a super nice NYC apartment on a barista’s salary, Rachel?

Well, let’s check out the graphic below to learn of some of these wages. And the figures are also in pounds for all you English folks out there. You’re welcome.

Here Are The Real-Life Wages Of Fictional Characters


So Liz Lemon would make over a million dollars as a head writer? Um…well, clearly I have some work to do.

Via Biz Daq

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