Crazy Video Shows Thieves Use Truck To Smash Into Florida Gun Store

Photo: LiveLeak

While some thieves forget to wear their mask until they are identified on camera, and other thieves decide to return to the crime scene only to get stuck in a hole, these thieves in Florida decided that if they were going to steal a bunch of guns and ammo they were not going to be discreet at all.

The incident, which occurred over the weekend, shows a blue Toyota Tundra smash through a gun store in Florida called “Sunshine State Armory.” Once the driver backs up, you can then see three men rush in and begin loading up on guns and ammo.

Check out the crazy footage below thanks to LiveLeak.

Crazy Video Shows Thieves Use Truck To Smash Into Florida Gun Store

Police are actually trying to see if this case is tied to similar crimes across the Tampa Bay area.

”We don’t know that,” Capt. Derek Brewer said. “Certainly does seem to fit the M.O. to several of those.”

At the moment, the Sunshine State Armory is covered in plywood, as glass shards from the incident still remain in the parking lot.

As for the thieves? Well they ditched their truck (which was stolen) along some railroad tracks and set it on fire. Police are of course looking for them.

And hell, if this is how they rob a store, I can’t even imagine the mess they make when they go through a drive-thru.

h/t WFLA

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