Here’s A Camel Stealing A Woman’s Lunch At A Texas Safari Park

Photo: YouTube

Apparently you don’t mess with the camels in Texas either.

According to UPI, two young ladies and a child recently rolled through a Texas safari park in an SUV and happened upon a rather intrusive tag team consisting of an ostrich and camel, both of whom turned out to be in the mood to eat anything. And by anything, I mean the camel wound up jamming its head through the driver’s side window and devouring whatever was left in a brown paper bag in the center console.

As for the ostrich, the outside of the SUV sufficed, as it pecked away at the front fender enough times to be called an “asshole” by the vehicle’s occupants.

Here’s A Camel Stealing A Woman’s Lunch At A Texas Safari Park

It’s unknown what was left inside the brown bag that was wolfed down by the camel, but if he had a nasty case of runs less than eight minutes later, then it was no doubt Taco Bell.

The ladies decided to roll up the windows after that crazy encounter, but you have to think it could have been much worse. After all, they could have been driving through a much shadier part of Texas and left with a car full of bullet holes.

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