Meanwhile in Texas: Resort Features Giraffes Peeping Outside Your Window, Guessing Their Names Are All Tom

Know what your next vacation rental really needs? A pair of eyes peeping in on you first thing in the morning…and in the middle of the day…and at night when you get up to pee.

We’re kidding but we’re kind of not. A resort in Texas promises an exotic vacay experience thanks to a pair of giraffes that linger outside of the bedroom. It’s called Longneck Manor and a video of its wild(life) accommodations recently went viral on TikTok.

@txvacation Imagine a place in #texas where you can wake up with #giraffe and rhinos outside your door ? @longneckmanor ♬ The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Vittorio Fraja

“Imagine a place where you can wake up with giraffe and rhinos right outside your door, and not have to travel all the way to Africa,” the destination boasts. “Your day only gets better as you engage in special tours to learn and understand more about these magnificent animals and how you can help ensure their survival through active conservation efforts.”

The resort is located on a 100-acre animal sanctuary in Fredericksburg. Former Houston Zoo director Rick Barongi founded in last fall. At the infamous Giraffe Suite, not only do the long-necked animals strut by the bedroom windows but guests can also open a door and feed them directly from their room.

“So you walk in and you look to your left and there’s a giraffe staring at you when they’re inside,” Barongi told the Houston Chronicle. “Sometimes they come right up to the window . . . that opens up during the day where the giraffes can stick their nose in and their tongue and they can sit in the living room and feed the giraffes under supervision.”

A night at the two-story barn where the video was shot will set you back a whopping $900 – but even if you did have that much dough to blow, good luck getting a reservation. Thanks to the TikTok fame, the resort is booked through the rest of the year.

We’ll skip all the pageantry and just sleep with our curtains open instead.

Cover Photo: TikTok



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