Clueless Woman Almost Flatten By Train As She Walks Across Railroad Crossing

Photo: Auckland Rail / Dept of Transport

Didn’t your mom ever tell you to look both ways before crossing?

There have certainly been a lot of “almost” incidents recently. There was the guy who almost lost his arm after he jumped into crocodile infested waters. And then there was the scuba diver who was almost swallowed by a whale. And now? Well now we have a woman who was almost flatten by train simply because she was too damn clueless.

Footage released by Auckland Transport shows numerous people crossing the railroad crossing at Mount Eden station in Auckland, New Zealand. A couple with a dog rush across the crossing, as the train gets closer. But then in strolls a woman in a pink sweatshirt, who casually looks to her right (but not her left), and then walks across.

Well take a look at the LiveLeak video below to see how close she came to being killed.

You damn fool.

According to Auckland Transport rail services manager Craig Inger, he said it was “disturbing” two men and a woman with her dog also crossed the tracks while the lights flashed.

“We’ve checked the footage of this morning’s incident and we can see the woman checked to her right before crossing but not to her left and that’s where the train was coming from,” Inger adds. “It’s really important that that you check both directions before crossing, a train can come from either direction. The lights and bells mean don’t cross.”

But people don’t care about that — they will cross regardless.

That lady is lucky she wasn’t killed, but I’ve seen enough Final Destination movies to know what happens next.


h/t Mirror

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