2 Women Shutdown Train Lines At Rush Hour Trying To Retrieve Phone From Track

Photo: Adam Lucy / Eyeem (Getty)

Have you ever dropped your phone onto some train tracks by accident? What did you do? You jumped onto the track and risked your life, right? Of course not. The fact of the matter is that dropping your phone onto some train tracks doesn’t happen everyday to people, but when it does let’s hope they don’t react like the women in this story.

Two women shut down four train lines at rush hour by attempting to retrieve a phone from the tracks. It seems that one of the women dropped the phone on the tracks at Aldgate East station in east London, and began arguing with a station worker after he refused to get it. So she just dropped onto the tracks herself with another woman.

Photo: Instagram

And because of all this the Metropolitan Line, Circle Line, District Line and Hammersmith & City Lines all experienced severe delays. And that pissed off plenty of people of course.

You can clearly see one of the women on the tracks in the photos below shared on Twitter:

And here’s video of her walking up the platform:

Here’s what a British Transport Police spokesperson told Metro:

“We were called to Aldgate East station at around 5.45pm on Thursday, 18 January, following reports of a woman on the tracks. Officers attended and a woman was detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act and taken to a place of safety.”

If anyone delayed a subway in NYC it’s hard to believe that person would make it home alive.

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