Dude Loses Bet And Gets Duct-Taped To Yield Sign

There were plenty of drivers obeying a yield sign outside of Houston this week, but it probably had more to do with the fact that they wanted to either slow down or stop to get a better look at some poor bastard who was duct-taped to it than actually feeling the need to obey the law.

According to WFAA, Miguel Chavez was duct-taped to the yield sign by his buddies Wednesday afternoon after the Golden State Warriors beat his Houston Rockets 113-106 Tuesday night. Chavez apparently bet on the Rockets, and since they lost, the penalty was getting duct-taped to the sign in broad daylight.

Let’s see how that turned out:

Apparently, not everybody in Houston has a sense of humor, and somebody called both the cops and an EMS unit to come to Chavez’s aid. The police arrived just as Chavez’s pal was walking toward him with a knife to cut him down, but not knowing the situation, one of the officers was forced to yell, “Drop the knife or I’ll tase you!”

Once everything was explained to the officers, they not only helped cut Chavez down, but they also gave him a ride home. Hopefully everybody involved learned the most valuable lesson here, which of course is that you never bet on the Rockets when Golden State comes to town. Amateur mistake.

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