Guy Falls Off Cliff While Trying To Get The Perfect Photo

Photo: LiveLeak

People will never learn.

So just like this girl clearly didn’t think at all before she jumped from the second story of her home, and just like this kid obviously didn’t use his brain cells before diving off his school’s balcony, it appears the man below did the same thing: he didn’t think.

A Chinese man thought it would be a genius idea to hang off a cliff in southwest China in order to get a photo on the Jigong mountain in Chongqing city. The only problem is he didn’t hang on, so of course he dropped.

Check out the video below thanks to LiveLeak of this dude falling, as his friends yell in fear.

And guess what? The lucky guy somehow survived, and actually only escape with some cuts and bruises.

Now this dude has apparently been practicing free climbing for more than four years, but it seems he should choose another useless hobby.

So let this be a lesson to all of you: don’t be a complete jackass and hang off cliffs because you might suffer a similar fate. Or worse, you might end up like this chick in the movie Cliffhanger.


h/t Daily Mail

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