March Madness Hits This UNC Charlotte Classroom And It’s Beyond Hysterical

Photo: Twitter

The NCAA Tournament’s first weekend was another one for the ages, complete with upsets, wild finishes and miracle shots, but perhaps the craziest moment of March Madness came from a school whose men’s basketball team didn’t even make it to the Big Dance.

Here’s social media sensation Samuel Grubbs taking what looks like a class at UNC Charlotte that is usually boring as shit and turning it into one of the most magical moments we have ever seen take place inside a college classroom.

Yeah, go ahead and watch that one another eight or nine thousand times, as it is nothing short of genius. Although, they’ll be arguing for years over whether it’s the no-look hook shot or the celebration that followed that is the best part of the video.

Madness inside the classroom (and out of it) can sometimes land you behind bars: Teacher Has Sex With Students In Car, Roof Of School, Gets 22 Years

Our money is on the celebration, as the kid getting carried out of the room in his chair is pretty funny. But let’s be honest: The random dude in a luchador at the end is what sent it into legendary status.

h/t BroBible