Watch Crazy Moment Security Guard Shoots Armed Robber Dead

Photo: YouTube

Over the weekend we shared a tense hostage situation at a bank in Florida that ended with the robber in handcuffs. But the video below doesn’t exactly end the same way, and that’s because a security guard decided to take matters into his own hands.

The crazy footage below was captured at the Alpine Bank in Rockford, Illinois, and shows a 34-year-old armed robber named Laurence Turner. In the video you can clearly see Turner rush in the bank, gun in hand as he shoots up at the ceiling, and threatens the customers and employees. But Turner is quickly shot down by security guard and retired deputy, Brian Harrison.

Check out the insane video below, but just a heads up that some folks might find this disturbing, so watch at your own risk.

According to Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea, Turner had previously also robbed at gunpoint the Rockford financial institutions and a jewelers. Turner had also targeted the Harvard State Bank, as well as the Members Alliance Credit Union. So it’s pretty clear that this dude was going to continue doing this.

No one besides Turner, who was discovered to have been shot twice in the chest and once in the butt, was injured. An autopsy later showed that Turner opiates and THC in his system.

It should also be known that Harrison will not be charged as he was acting in self-defense.

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