Off-Duty Cop Pursues Costco Gunman In Crazy Video

Screenshot: Kansas City Police Department

It was a typical day at a Costco in Lenexa, Kansas — a Costco filled with people just trying to buy their massive boxes of paper towels and baby wipes when a gunman entered the store, forcing people everywhere to flee. That gunman? 58-year-old Ronald Hunt. But thankfully, off-duty cop Captain Michael Howell was in the store at that very moment.

Howell, who has worked for the Kansas City Police Department police for 22 years, can be seen stealthily trailing the man in the video, only to fire at him and kill Hunt once Hunt aims the gun at him. Check out the news video below:

Howell nor any of the customers were hurt. Here’s what Howell had to say, according to Police One.

“I’m just a cop doing my job. My greatest fear was we had kids with their moms, with their grandmas, with their dads. It was little kids running and screaming. And seeing the fear in their faces and knowing whatever it took, I had to do whatever necessary to end this threat so they wouldn’t get hurt.”

Howell also mentioned what happened when he first saw Hunt:

“I could see a white male, looked kind of disheveled, wearing a camo jacket, waving a large revolver, looked like about 10 or 12 inches long, pushing a grocery cart and not looking at anybody. But I heard him say three different times, ‘I’m an off-duty U.S. marshal and I’m here to kill people.'”

Howell added that he knew he had to use the element of surprise as he was not wearing his bulletproof vest.

So kudos to Howell for bringing down this gunman and stopping what could have been a tragedy. If you want to see the entire ordeal check out the video below:

h/t Daily Mail

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