This Teen Had A Complete Fail During Gym Class And The Internet Lost It

Photo: Twitter

And this is why I always tried to get out of gym class. Well, I was also terribly nonathletic, and still am.

I’m an adult now and can avoid the gym so that I can avoid meatheads, deer and people who may take a photo of me while I suffer on the treadmill. But when I was growing up I had to go to gym class with the rest of my classmates, and of course that was never a fun time. It was pretty damn miserable. And it seems like high student Giselle Blancas recently had a pretty miserable time at her gym class, too.

The Chicago student was confronted with the task of climbing a massive staircase make out of a bunch of milk crates for some reason, with only a harness attached to her. Now the staircase seems like it took quite a bit of time to build, but thanks to Blancas it was all for nothing.

Take a look at what we mean by checking out the clip shared by Blancas herself on her Twitter.

That’s right, just as her teacher yells “don’t stop,” Blancas crashes head-first into the crate tower and completely destroys it in front of everyone. I mean, just take a look at how defeated Blancas looks just sitting in the middle of the mess she just made.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

And of course the internet had a hell of a time with this.

And of course there was this.


No word yet at how pissed the people who set these crates up were.

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