Cop Obliterates Man Swinging A Bat At A Police Station

Photo: Facebook

What a takedown.

Do you all remember that Alaskan SWAT team that completely failed at breaching a house? How about that terrible cop who allowed a criminal to actually steal his cop car? Yep, not their finest moments. But don’t you worry, because the cop in this video actually looked awesome doing what he did.

Christopher Rivas, a 28-year-old man, recently showed up at the West Covina Police Department with a bat for some reason. Rivas began to threatened bystanders and officers by swinging the bat around, even though he has the worst swing ever. Nevertheless, women seated in the lobby took cover. But of course, any idiot who decides to attack a place filled with cops should probably be tackled, and boy, that’s exactly what happened to Rivas.

Take a look at Rivas be taken down by a cop that comes up from behind him. This was quite the hit.

Cop Obliterates Man Swinging A Bat At A Police Station

Holy hell, Rivas went down like a damn Jenga tower. And all this bat-swinging wasn’t worth it, because Rivas was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest. Why resist? You’ve already been destroyed by a tackle.

h/t Fox News

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