And Here We Have An Australian Girl Having Sex With A Sidewalk

I guess some sidewalks are sexier than others.

Drugs are bad, mmmkay? Anybody who lives two blocks away from Market Street in San Francisco will tell you this as will anybody who has ever been east of Downtown Los Angeles.

But they apparently fuck you up something fierce in the land Down Under as well, and we know this because somebody posted a video of an Australian girl who looks like she took a day off from taking care of herself, got hopped up on some kind of combination of hash, laundry detergent and battery acid and then got hornier than shit.

And we know that because she then humped the hell out of a sidewalk in broad daylight.

And Here We Have An Australian Girl Having Sex With A Sidewalk

I’m going to be honest: That is not something that I’ll be searching for on Pornhub this evening.

We believe that the majority of what was spewing out of her mouth was English, but all we could really make out was “trying to get moist” and something to the effect of she’ll “fuck anything.”

Yes, ma’am. That’s pretty obvious.

h/t Barstool Sports

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