New Music Video | Grandtheft & Delaney Jane Straddle The SFW Line

Who needs Skinemax (RIP) when you have EDM music videos. Critics may claim that the banging electronic music genre doesn’t push boundaries, but EDM artists are clearly trying to push more than buttons with risqué music videos.

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The latest soft-core entry comes from Grandtheft and Delaney Jane, whose new video for their hit “Easy Go”, makes The Chainsmokers “Closer” video seem like Mary Poppins.

The easy-on-the-eyes Jane plays (a hot and bothered version) of herself, sitting in the back of an Uber, when the driver catcher her eye… and it’s not just because he’s got a man bun (or maybe it is). Watch for yourself to see what happens next.

Although the Toronto-based Grandtheft only appears in the “Easy Go” music video in spirit, you can check out his Soundcloud (HERE) and his fellow Canadian Delaney Jane’s Soundcloud (HERE).