Biker Gets Flipped Off After He Tries To Return Wallet, Has The Perfect Kind Of Revenge

You don’t really expect to be flipped off by the person you’re trying to return a wallet to, but that is exactly what occurred here.

We here at Mandatory love our revenge stories, that’s why we enjoy reading about the dudes who got harsh revenge on their cheating partner. Hell, we even loved the deer who got revenge on the driver who ran into it. But the video below starts off as a kind gesture, but then takes a sharp turn.

So here’s what happened: A biker, once he is cut off, notices that the driver who cut him off left his wallet and his phone on the roof of the car. The wallet falls on to the ground where the biker picks it up and rushes to get them back to its owner. And then he’s flipped off. Take a look at what happens next.

Even after getting cut off this lad wanted to do something nice, and all he got was the old middle finger because of it. And because of that, that tool now probably has a cracked phone.

You live and you learn, kids.

h/t The Hook Mag

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