Toothless Australian Man Gives What Has To Be The Local TV Interview Of The Year

“All I had was me jocks on and he was chasing me up the street and I’m just like, mate!”

That’s how Daniel McConnell described what happened outside of house last week after a car crashed into his neighbor’s pad and the man behind the wheel jumped out and started running up and down the street as if he had just finished ingesting a combination of bath salts and laundry detergent.

Thankfully, a local television found the toothless McConnell and didn’t send him to the makeup trailer to get cleaned up before he gave what has to be the best damn local television interview of 2016.

Outstanding. I mean, McConnell might not be able to eat an apple, but hot damn, that boy sure can tell a story with the best of him. And what is up with Australia these days? Just a few weeks ago a totally smashed Australian woman interrupted live TV to inform the reporter someone had just lost three dollars.

In a related story, we’re not up to speed with the real estate market in Brisbane, Australia these days, but if this poor dude can’t afford pants or a toothbrush, our guess is that the price of a house down there is off the charts right now.

h/t BroBible

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