A-Hole Starbucks Customer Yells ‘I Voted For Trump’ All While Claiming Anti-White Discrimination

Photo: Twitter

I’m not saying that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a complete idiot, but it’s tough not to say that when you’re seeing videos of people being racist like this trash bag, or this guy who pulled a gun on some kids he thought had damage his Trump signs. And then there’s this guy who decided to berate a Starbucks barista simply because his order was taking too long. So yeah, it’s tough not thinking these folks are all a-holes.

So here’s what happened.

A Trump supporter flew into a racist tantrum after his Starbucks order took longer than he believed it should have. This sweater-vest wearing douchebag was captured on film yelling at black employees at a Starbucks near the University of Miami campus, calling them “trash” and accusing them of “anti-white discrimination” because his coffee took too long, according to witnesses.

Check out the video thanks to Jorge de Cárdenas:

I don’t understand why yell “Trump! Trump! I voted for Trump!” is that supposed to get you your money back faster? Is that supposed to explain why you decided to wear a sweater vest?

Of course this douche lowers his tone when a guy gets in his face, and of course he only threatens him once the guy turns his back.

“The funny thing, besides just the concept of ‘anti-white discrimination,’ is just yelling ‘Trump!’ for no reason,” Cárdenas said. “Like dude, you won.”

And now this douche is all over the web. Congrats, man.

h/t Raw Story

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