Woman Loses Her Mind On Michaels Store Employees Claiming Discrimination For Voting Trump

To anyone who makes national news for going on a tirade in a store claiming they voted for Donald Trump (or Hillary Clinton for that matter) and stating with a straight face that they’ve been discriminated against, know that no one is attacking you for your political views in and of themselves. It’s more than likely that you’re just an awful person like the woman in the video below and are merely using politics as an excuse to act like an entitled snob.

The maniacal lady in the following Michaels store breakdown is clearly just a miserable human being, and even the simplest interactions with her cannot be achieved without incident. How else could this epic freakout be explained?

Horrible Person Claiming Discrimination Does What Horrible People Do:

Even if the ladies checking her out were out to get her as she claimed, then why freakout on the lady and the baby? Oh, that’s right, we almost forgot after that grueling 10+ minute video that this paying customer is the absolute worst. Can we seriously stop trying to justify such poor behavior just because it’s currently convenient to pin it on whoever you decided to vote for or against? This is an open-and-shut case of someone being trash for no reason and nothing more.

h/t RawStory

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