‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 4 Preview Scenes

Don’t you just hate it when your new neighbors drop by and invite themselves in? Well, you’d better get used to it on The Walking Dead. In that world, everything is Negan’s, including this post!

And if anyone doesn’t like that, Negan’s got a “vampire bat” that he’s already used to kill two prominent members of the Alexandria survivors; which left Rick Grimes and the remaining group demoralized. Negan gave them a week to gather new supplies for him, but apparently he’s not gonna wait that long.

AMC has released two preview scenes from this Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. In the first clip, Rosita and Eugene exchange a few words before their newest adversary shows up outside of the gates of Alexandria.

The second preview scene made its debut on EW.com, and it finds Rick reluctantly unlocking the gates to let in Negan and his men. Strangely enough, Negan is actually really pleased to see Rick and show off his skills. He even brought Rick a present of sorts, but Negan also brought his army. And if there’s anything or anyone they want in Alexandria, then there’s nothing to stop them.

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Now, we can’t say for sure whether another recurring character on the show may die within this episode or soon after. The TV writers tend to remix events to throw off people who read the comic. But if we’re placing bets, then we’d say that Negan’s bat will not go unused in this episode.

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Photo Credit: AMC