Take a Look At This Massive Sinkhole That Occurred In Japan

So while we are all voting today and not only thinking about the funniest presidential election tweets (hopefully) as well as the ten places to flee to after the election (probably), Japan has their own issues: A huge damn sinkhole.

The sinkhole appeared in the southwestern section of Fukuoka, but originally started as two deep craters. That wasn’t it all had to offer, as soon it would grow bigger — like into a 90-foot by 100-foot sinkhole.

Check out the video below filmed by some lucky nearby folks:

Take a Look At This Massive Sinkhole That Occurred In Japan

Now thankfully it appear that no one was hurt, but its going to take a while to fix the huge mount of damage that’s been cause by this sinkhole. Apparently the hole is already filled with up with water from the sewage pipes.

Folks from nearby have already been evacuated.

So while we are choosing a new president, Japan is dealing with this shit, so just understand that things can be a hell of a lot worse, right? Right? Well, one of these presidential candadiates will cause much worse anyway, though.

Well, here’s hoping Japan figures this mess out.

h/t COED

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