This Is What Happens When You Get Out Of Your Car To Pee In The Woods And Forget To Apply The Brake

There have been a lot of bizarre and funny stories involving cars recently. Just check out how one college dude broke into the car of another student simply to steal a Kit-Kat bar. The dude even left a note confessing his crime. And then there was the woman who left her car at an establishment to avoid drunk driving (good decision) and her smart move was rewarded with free chicken.

But then there is this dude who made a decision that wasn’t exactly rewarded. In fact, he was punished, because chances are if you step out of your car and don’t apply the break it’s not going to end up well.

So check out this video with the Benny Hill Show theme song added and all:

Man, what a sad ending, but kudos to the guy for trying to stop the car with his barehands, as if he was going to stop it completely dead in its track. But hey, at least he tried, and that leak that he had to take so badly left him deserted in a snowy road with no car.

Lesson learned, buddy.

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