Wisconsin Driver Gets Too Hammered, Leaves Note On Car, Gets Out Of Parking Ticket Because Of It

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These days, stories involving police officers seem to single out those who are absolute turds and have no business wearing a badge while those who do more than just protect and serve the residents of their city seemingly get zero credit for not only being exemplary police officers but also genuinely good human beings.

Well, thanks to one responsible party animal and an absolute gentleman with the Wausau Police Department, we have this breath of fresh air.

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A dude who hit the sauce a tad too hard Sunday night made the great decision not to get behind the wheel of his car and instead left it in a metered parking lot, something that surely would have warranted a citation based on the parking regulations there. But hoping to steer clear of that citation, the guy left a note for whichever one of Wausau’s finest would find his car first.

The note read, “Please take pity on me. I walked home… safe choices!”

Thankfully, the man who found the guy’s note and illegally parked car first was Parking Control Officer Jim Hellrood, who seems like one hell of a good dude and let the driver off with a warning because when it all comes down to it, he obviously made the safe, correct choice by not driving home.

The Wausau Police Department then shared the picture of the note and warning on their Facebook page for all to see:

“Pity Granted, Just A Warning”

Parking Control Officer Jim Hellrood can appreciate people making safe choices, and a good sense of humor. That’s why he recently issued a warning to a vehicle left in a metered lot overnight. Thanks to this resident for sharing!

Seriously, that’s a beautiful story. Of course, if the driver would have parked it in the middle of the street with a note that read, “Couldn’t find a meter, but here’s four bucks” like the bros in The Hangover, odds are he would have received more than just a warning.

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