Donald Trump Behaves Very Similarly To The Boss From ’90s Sitcom ‘Dinosaurs’

Photo: YouTube

Donald Trump’s behavior is often so erratic that it’s easy to picture him as someone written for television rather than an actual human being. In fact, with the election closing in, it’s pretty hard to believe that he’s still neck and neck to be the President of the United States with an actual politician. Then again, it takes such an arrogant numbskull to rise to the ranks of boss, as was evidenced by shows such as the Jim Henson produced ’90s sitcom Dinosaurs. But surely there could be no similarities between Trump and the pigheaded, misogynistic, ill-tempered Mr. Richfield — voiced by The Jeffersons’ Sherman Hemsley — the show’s corporate triceratops and all around bad guy.

Oh, there is? Who would have thought? Apparently Matt Orfalea, who cut together the following eight-minute video comparing the two crotchety dinosaurs with one another. It’s pretty darn entertaining if we do say so ourselves.

Donald Trump is Mr. Richfield from Dinosaurs:

One hates foreigners, and the other hates four-leggers. I get it.

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