Guess Who Wins Between This Sign And This Dipshit When He Runs Headfirst Into It

Only 52.9 percent of college students will actually graduate, and there are many reasons why that number continues to decline. And we still have to mention the college student who almost had a glass fall on him and the college student who was almost burned to death by an exploding phone.

For starters, many freshmen simply go to college because they’re told that that is what they have to do after high school, and since they’ve been listening to their parents for the last 18 years, they’re naturally going to go forward with that rationale. Then once they get there, many of them realize that they’re sick of books and just want to get out in the real world and start making some coin, so they pack up their shit, move home and sell cars for the next 12 years.

Some freshmen just get homesick. Others find out the hard way that they hand out free condoms at orientation for a reason. And then there’s the group who simply smokes way too much pot and forgets why they’re living in Stevens Point. Oh yeah, it’s to go to school.

Then there’s the very small percentage who can’t finish their higher education because they run headfirst into a sign and no longer have the ability to speak using complete sentences. Like this guy at Illinois State, for example:

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“How’d that feel, bro?”

Um, terrible, actually. Just terrible.

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