Watch What Happens After This Middle Eastern Guy Smokes Pot For The First Time

Everyone has had their own experience with pot — whether it was the two nuns growing and selling weed in California, or the dude who led police on a high-speed chase because he was tired of being arrested for weed, everyone has a story to tell. Hell, even this dude in the Middle East.

Because by the looks of things, they apparently have some really good shit over there.

If you focus on the background of the video below, you’ll notice that a) it still looks hotter than balls in the Middle East and b) outside of sand, it looks as though a good portion of the region has nothing to offer.

So if I’m a dude in my 20s or 30s and some random guy just walks up and asks if I want to smoke some pot for the first time in my life, you’re damn right I’m going to say yes and take two or three solid pulls off that joint for the sole reason that it’s something different to do, and that means it’s probably going to wind up being the greatest – or at least the most memorable – day of my life.

Let’s see how that rationale worked out for this guy:

That was after just five minutes? Good Christ.

Yeah, before you decide to smoke weed in the Middle East, it looks like you might want to make sure they’re not lacing their shit with laundry detergent.

h/t Barstool Sports

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