I Can’t Believe We Missed This Kid Head Banging In The Middle Of Hurricane Matthew

There were a lot of things going on this weekend, with NFL games, MLB postseason, the second presidential debate and of course hurricane Matthew blowing through. And through all that hoopla we somehow missed this gem of a dude not giving a damn about the dangerous winds that hurricane Matthew brought with him, as he decided to risk his life in order to show everyone how much of a metal fan he is.

Sure, there are some folks that still enjoy metal music, and of course there are some folks that like to think they are all-American, but what happens when you combine both of those things?

Lane Pittman, the crazy heavy metal fan, was filmed standing outside in the middle of a road in Jacksonville, Florida, while not only shirtless, but while holding an American flag. And all this while rocking out to Slayer’s Raining Blood in the middle of the hurricane. Check out the video below that Pittman shared on his Facebook:

“Had a request for some hair action during the ‘cane. I granted it,” Pittman captions the video. The video has since reeled in more than 18 million views. While some people praised him, others called him out for risking his life. And this is because hurricane Matthew is already responsible for over 1000 deaths, so Pittman is very lucky his stunt didn’t badly injure him.

But of course, silly stunts aside, head on over to actionaid.org if you want to donate to their emergency appeal to provide charity to Haiti, which was hit hard by the hurricane.

Until then, keep on rocking, folks.

h/t Viral Thread

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