Mia Khalifa Bashed The WWE And Wrestler Hurricane Helms Completely Destroyed Her

Photo: Instagram/Mia Khalifa

As hot as Mia Khalifa is, two things are clear: she’s not very bright and she’s not the best person. And that’s probably why she’s always getting roasted. The 24-year-old got roasted when she once tweeted a photo of her feet to Steph Curry and she once got roasted after calling out Cowboys fans. But now the former porn star got bashed once again when she decided to talk crap about the WWE.

Khalifa was asked about Ronda Rousey’s move to the WWE on Complex’s show Out of Bounds. And this is what she had to say:

“This is where her career will go to die. I have no respect for the WWE, it’s not a real sport. It’s embarrassing.”

Check out the video below to see Khalifa’s response:

Well there was at least one WWE wrestler that was not happy about Khalifa’s comment at all: Hurricane Helms. Now look at how Helms responded to Khalifa’s harsh criticisms.

Holy smokes, Helms! Twitter was also loving the response:

Well, at least Khalifa is nice to look at:

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