Celebrities Are Sharing Hilariously Awkward Puberty Pics For Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Photo: Twitter

Everyone knows that Puerto Rico is currently in a terrible situation after being decimated by a hurricane. So, many people are doing what they can to help them out. Two of those people? Comedians Nick Kroll and Stephen Colbert.

Kroll recently appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in order to promote his new Netflix show Big Mouth, which showcases all the ups and downs of puberty. And with that, Kroll challenged other celebs to share a hilarious and awkward photo from their puberty days — a campaign known as #PuberMe.

But here’s the great news, Colbert vowed to donate money from his Americone Dream Ice Cream Fund to Puerto Rico hurricane relief, which Kroll himself will match, for ever celeb who put up a photo. So celebs got to work

Check out some of the best photos below starting with good old Conan himself.

If you want to check out more of these awkward photos head on over and click right here, folks.

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