Junior College Football Player Arrested After Punching Referee In The Face

The good news for this guy is that this is exactly the type of behavior that lands you a starting role for the Dallas Cowboys.

According to Fox News, Mount San Antonio freshman offensive lineman Bernard Schirmer was “immediately ejected from the game and later arrested on suspicion of battery and taken to Ventura County jail” after he punched a referee in the face during a game over the weekend.J

Goddamn, son.

Now we are by no means legal experts, but since he doesn’t play for an SEC school, where they are experts at turning things like this into one-game suspensions that are served when they play opponents from a Division 1 FCS school, this clown’s best defense might be to take a page out of George Costanza’s book, look that judge in the eye and ask, “Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing, because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing is frowned upon…you know, cause I’ve played a lot of football, and I tell you, people do that all the time.”

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