Is This A UFO Spotted Over The St. Louis Arch?

UFOs have been spotted everywhere for decades. But recently they’ve been spotted everywhere from Antartica to flying beside a plane. And this time around it seems like they decided to take a trip to St. Louis.

Chase Rhoads was smoking a cigarette a little past 2 a.m. when he noticed a flashing light over the St. Louis Arch. Now for anyone who has seen the original “Independence Day,” you know that the aliens situated themselves over landmarks, so this is a tad unsettling.

Rhoads began filming the lights once he noticed them. Take a look at his video below:

The National Park Service said it didn’t have any reports of strange flights and no one reported anything out of the ordinary (although that’s what they were forced to say! Probably). A nearby Air Force Base also said they had nothing to report.

A surveillance camera from the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial park also caught the lights on film. This is a longer video but you’re able to see the light more clearly starting at the :55 second mark.

UFO Spotted Over St. Louis Arch?
h/t Fox 59

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