Britney Spears Pranks Jimmy Kimmel By Waking Him Up From His Deep Slumber

We all know that Jimmy Kimmel loves his pranks, but, as Kimmel would say himself, he prefers them when “they are on other people.” That wasn’t exactly the case this time around when none other than Britney Spears reeled in some help to prank the comedic host.

Kimmel must have been tired from sending out Miley Cyrus to prank people, and from making parents tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy, because he was dead asleep when Spears entered his home aiming to wake him the hell up. Check out the funny prank below, as Spears uses her song “Make Me” as a wake-up call.

I don’t think many guys would be upset if Britney Spears entered their bedroom and woke them up. Also wouldn’t be a bad thing if Rihanna woke them up either.

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