10 New Netflix Originals On The Way In 2016

Since Netflix seems to do things best, and TV is the new film, it makes sense that the company has a bunch of new original shows on the way in 2016. With work from some of the greatest comedians, directors and actors out there, Netflix is now ordering up more diversity, making it even better than Amazon Video and Hulu in the race for best streaming service. But can it outdo Crackle!? Never.

Chelsea Does (January 23)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, chelsea does
Nobody does comedy the way Chelsea Handler does, and this four-part documentary is a perfect example. Diving into the fascinating topics of racism, drugs, marriage and Silicon Valley, Handler gives us more laughs than we can handle. Watch as a 40-year-old woman tries to understand the world today through her own vodka-loving, judgmental comedic filter … along with Willie Nelson smoking a fatty.

Flaked (March 11)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, flaked
Will Arnett is going from his roles as Gob on “Arrested Development” and the titular lead in “BoJack Horseman,” to Chip, a Venice Beach “guru” who’s just as full of shit as most people expect self-proclaimed gurus to be. Chip is a narcissistic beach personality living the California dream, but as his love for the wrong woman — his best friend’s — grows, his values and guru-ness unravel. Watch and laugh, people. Watch and laugh.

Fuller House (February 26)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, fuller house
One of the most beloved family shows, dating back nearly three decades, has somehow clawed its way back from the depths of ’90s heartthrobs and ideal father figures turned filthy comedians to give us another season of family values and quenched nostalgia. If Danny, Joey, Jesse and (some of) the girls don’t help you find your moral compass again, it’s simply way too far gone. Here’s hoping for a Jesse and the Rippers reunion too.

Love (February or March)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, love
Judd Apatow has mastered the art of films that go on way too long, so it seems appropriate that he get involved with a TV series with a less strict time frame. “Love” features Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs in an Apatow-esque relationship that tries to avoid being traditional in our modern times.

The Frontier (TBD 2016)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, the frontier
If anyone can make 18th century fur trading seem interesting, it’s probably Netflix. Going back to when violence was synonymous with customer service, we get a ride through North American life, where tribes and travelers bartered in less than traditional ways. Jason Momoa is set to star. Makes you wonder where the rest of the “Baywatch” babes are 25+ years later, doesn’t it?

The Get Down (August 12)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, the get down
Baz Luhrmann brings his colorful vision to the black-and-white, gritty streets of 1970s broken New York City. Starring Jimmy Smits and Jaden Smith, we get a taste of the South Bronx via a group of teens who bring a revolution of music and culture to a crumbling city before it became what it is today.

Lady Dynamite (TBD 2016)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, lady dynamite
A show about an aging Maria Bamford who can’t seem to get her shit together is laced with genuine self-deprecation, hilarious depression and anxiety-ridden true-life events. Co-written by the comedian and “Arrested Development” writer Mitch Hurwitz, we get a taste of real life in another dark comedy.

Marvel’s Luke Cage (Fall 2016)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, luke cage
Basically, the bartender from Netflix’s “Jessica Jones” got his own show. Mike Colter is a thick, muscular, tall drink of draft beer that women seem to be losing their shit over, so why not make it a series? “Luke Cage” marks the third of four Marvel Comics properties coming for Netflix, all of which are expected to unite in a future Netflix mini-series event a la “The Avengers,” called “The Defenders.”

The Ranch (April 1)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, the ranch
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are together again in a “Two and a Half Men” meets “That ’70s Show” type of comedy series, getting the “two men” part from the former and the “comedy” from the latter (hopefully). Based in Colorado, Kutcher’s character leaves a brief semi-pro football stint to return home to his brother and the family business. Okay, so maybe there’s a bit of “Hey Dude” in here as well … and hopefully a lot of Sam Elliott.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Late 2016)
netflix originals 2016, new on netflix 2016, a series of unfortunate events
The book series by Daniel Handler that didn’t quite find its way in the Jim Carrey movie is getting another shot in the streaming service sphere. The tales of Lemony Snicket tell the story of three orphans who ban together to discover the truth behind their parents’ death. Expect exciting artistic direction, adventure and something to watch around the fire next Christmas.