A young man is browsing through television channels with a remote control.

One-Fourth of Americans Say They’ll Cancel Netflix This Year (And 100% of Them Will Just Use Their Parents’ Accounts)

People are planning to leave Netflix in droves this year according to a new survey. recently asked 1,000 Americans about their Netflix habits, and a full one-fourth said they plan to cancel their subscriptions to the once-groundbreaking streamer.

Almost half of those surveyed said the reason why they’re dumping the service that basically made streaming a thing is because of a newly announced price hike. Almost 20 percent of those surveyed said they couldn’t afford Netflix anymore, citing cost of living challenges due to inflation and other expenses like soaring energy bills. The rest of those dropping the streamer cited reasons like missing shows or movies or simply stated a preference for other streaming services.

In case you’re the kind of person who barely gives a second glance to what you’re being charged on a monthly basis for a streamer, let’s break down what’s happening with Netflix’s fees. At the start of 2022, the cost of the one-screen plan jumped by 11%. The average monthly cost of a Netflix subscription is now at $15.15, making it the most expensive streamer on the market. Why? Because it doesn’t have any ads…yet. The streamer is said to be working on an ad plan that should be available around November.

While all this makes the future look bleak for Netflix, maybe it’s not as bad as it seems. Four out of five Americans subscribe to Netflix, giving it the lion’s share of the market. Of the average four streaming services each American subscribes to, Netflix is cited as the one that gets used the most. But Disney+ is breathing down its neck, offering an insane amount of content for only $7.99 a month.

While it may be true that 25% percent of Americans are going to give Netflix the ol’ heave-ho in the coming months, we’d bet anything they’re just going to creep on their parents’ accounts. After all, your ‘rents aren’t watching The Great British Bake-Off at 2 a.m., are they? They won’t even know you snuck on to rewatch Stranger Things in its entirety. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for sticking with that easy-to-guess password!

Cover Photo: Dennis Fischer Photography (Getty Images)