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10 Must-See Fall Movies to Get You Psyched For Autumn

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Late summer and early fall are great times to watch movies. The days are starting to get shorter, the nights are getting colder, and you’re likely spending a lot more time inside than you did during the summer months. What else are you going to do besides lounge around your house in sweatpants, covered in a giant fleece blanket, while you stream movies? We can’t think of anything better.

Well, the only thing better than that scenario is if the aforementioned movies are also autumn themed. There’s no better way to get in the mood for cozy sweaters, crisp evenings, and pumpkin-spiced everything than a fall-themed movie marathon. To help you find the best that fall cinema has to offer, we listed 10 of our favorites below. Keep scrolling to see all of the autumnal, crunchy leaf-filled, chilly evening-centric movies.